Message from the President

Hisao Tanaka

Since its foundation, JAPAN MATERIAL has aimed to achieve Win-Win-Win (Triple Win) relationships connected by mutual deep trust based on a commitment to our management philosophy of “Always Safety First,” which focuses on ensuring safety and security.
In these Win-Win-Win relationships, we aim to deliver quality products and services that exceed clients’ expectations to contribute their business. We also aim to build relationships with clients, suppliers and local communities in which they depend on us and we prosper together, and relationships in which each and every one of employees can flourish through healthy rivalry and collaboration.
We have also undertaken the Work by 3G (Triple Generation) initiative, which allows three generations of employees—young people in their teens, those in the middle of their careers who are full of vitality, and highly skilled seniors —can work together, sharing their joy with each other.
We will continue in our aims to be a company in which diverse people, with diverse values, can reach across generations and demonstrate their individuality and abilities to shine in the company and to realize a fair society.

In our Electronics business, we support safe and stable operation of factories by delivering one-stop technical services, including maintenance services for infrastructure projects and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that are essential to production processes in semiconductor and LCD plants, both in Japan and overseas.
Our Graphics Solutions business delivers video solutions, particularly in digital signage, as well as the development and sale of 3D CAD tools and software, and comprehensive clean room management systems.

Through all of these business activities, we will work with employees to grow by refining our technologies, work with stakeholders to support industries, and contribute to the development of an abundant, sustainable society for people all around the world. In doing so, we will continue to be a company that opens up the future.
We ask for your continuous support. Hisao Tanaka
President and Representative Director