Manufacturing of Specialty Gas Supplying Equipment

In the manufacture of semiconductors, LCDs, and related products, various specialty gases are used in the processes of film deposition, lithography, dry etching, ion implantation (II), and diffusion (DFF). Many of these specialty gases are highly hazardous due to its combustibility, toxicity, or corrosivity, and we develop and manufacture equipment that ensures the safe and stable supply of these gases without compromising their purity.
In addition to the development and manufacture of fully automated specialty gas supply equipment, we also manufacture supply equipment with inbuilt heater systems for low vapor pressure gases, supply equipment that enables supply from large containers at high flow rates, gas distributors that efficiently supply specialty gases to multiple units of manufacturing equipment, and facilities that abate gases discharged from manufacturing equipment.

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    Specialty Gas Supplying Equipment

Supply Piping Design and Construction

To use specialty gases, semiconductor and LCD plants and other related production sites need piping to connect the gas supply equipment to the manufacturing equipment. Given the properties of these specialty gases, the construction of this piping requires advanced construction technology, employing specialized fabrication and testing equipment. Corrosion resistance and particle- and moisture-free properties are also important considerations in the selection of the materials used to make the pipes. JM Group applies the piping design and construction technologies and pipe material quality evaluation skills in its possession to design and construct gas piping.
As well as the design and construction of specialty gas supply piping, we also conduct piping to supply ultrapure water from the purification plant to the manufacturing equipment, and bulk gases such as CDA, N2, and Ar. We also provide piping for other applications, including specialty chemicals, vacuum, and exhaust.

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    Design and construction of specialty gas supply piping
  • Design and construction of ultrapure water supply piping

Specialty Gas

Management of Specialty Gases

Specialty gas supply equipment in semiconductor and LCD plants and other related production sites requires the installation of filled gas cylinders and the collection of empty cylinders. Daily inspections and maintenance are also crucial to maintaining a safe and stable supply. JM Group provides all of these services, as well as conducting specialty gas order management on the clients' behalf.
Manufacturing processes for products related to semiconductors and LCDs use a wide range of bulk gases, including SiH4, NF3, TCS, DCS, Cl, and liquid N2. JM Group provides stable supply and management of these kinds of specialty gases to meet client needs.

Sale of Specialty Gases

We sell specialty gases to provide a stable supply of the gases used in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes, based on client needs.

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    Management of Specialty Gases / Sale of Specialty Gases
  • Management of Specialty Gases / Sale of Specialty Gases (for Japan)
  • Sales and Management of Specialty Gases (for overseas)

Ultrapure Water

Purification plants operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that there is no shortage of supply of the ultrapure water that is essential to semiconductor and LCD manufacture. In the comprehensive management of the plants, including operational management, technical support, test operation, and maintenance, we provide integrated services for the supply, discharge, and collection of ultrapure water.

Servicing Companies
  • TWM (Total Water Management; operation, management and maintenance of ultrapure water plant)

Specialty Chemical

Various specialty chemicals are applied in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes. JM Group provides comprehensive quality management services to ensure supply of these specialty chemicals. Our services include management of order placement and inventory, as well as expiration-date management and storage temperature control.

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    Specialty Chemical Supply Management
  • Specialty Chemical Supply Management
  • Specialty Chemical Supply Management

Power and Air Conditioning Facilities

We offer comprehensive management services 24 hours a day, including monitoring and inspection, to ensure the trouble-free operation of the boilers, which supply the power necessary to operate semiconductor and LCD plants, as well as freezers, compressors, air conditioners, and other facilities.

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  • Facility Management
    Management and Maintenance of Power Facilities
    Management and Maintenance of Abatement Facilities

Engineering Service

The manufacturing equipment and ancillary equipment used in semiconductor and LCD plants require regular inspection, parts replacement and other maintenance operations. JM Group provides maintenance services for the manufacturing equipment at our clients’ plants.
We also provide on-site diagnosis of ancillary dry vacuum pumps and we will overhaul them at our own factory if necessary.

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Other Technical Services

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JM Group makes various proposals for improving quality and reducing costs at semiconductor plants, LCD plants and other related production sites. The services we offer include maintenance of automated equipment that conveys products throughout the plant, clean room environmental quality control, manufacture and sale of components for the maintenance, and ceramic coating of equipment parts.

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We provide one stop solutions for Automotive Vision Systems and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), not only for general solution such as Forward Collision Warnings, Lane Departure warnings, and 360 stitched views, but also for Driver Safety Module to monitor drier's fatigue and safety breaches with using AI and image processing techniques.

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  • Sale of Vision Systems and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for Automotive